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Dec 16, 2012 4:00am PST
to bring in eric fisher to talk about this. we talked during the break and we talked a lot about how to speak to the kids. but before we go to kids, a lot of adults who are having a really difficult time coming to terms with this internally. i told you, i was out shopping for my goddaughter yesterday who is 7 and almost started tearing up in the tarth store. is it okay to show that emotion to children? >> almost a vicarious grief that we see the grieving other people are going through and with kids so many of us fear losing them that when we see other people grieving it brings out our own fears and we go through that grieving process without necessarily having to. it is perfectly okay to show emotion. it's okay to let your kids see some tears and say i really feel sad about some things that happened around us. >> so, reject that feeling to be stoic and be the strong, stable one. >> exactly. to me, it takes more emotion to show the sadness and things than it does to put a brave face on. i know we want to be strong for our kids, but sometimes being strong for our kids is being real and
Dec 27, 2012 6:30pm EST
covered in snow. the weather channel's eric fisher is in lewiston, maine. good evening to you, eric. >> good evening, natalie. 16 people have been killed by this latest winter storm that brought everything from tornadoes to coastal flooding, hurricane-force wind gusts and nearly 2 feet of snow. certainly has brought plenty of misery for people from texas to maine. today a massive storm moved north, dumping more than a foot of snow in parts of new england. it's been a record-breaking system as it moved across the country. >> look at that tornado. >> spawning a reported 26 tornadoes across the south. and flooding along the already hard-hit east coast. the results? a travel nightmare for millions. >> we circled for over an hour before we landed, yeah. pretty rough flight coming in. >> in the past two days, more than 2,000 flights have been cancelled. in los angeles, many eastbound flights are delayed. in new york, stranded passengers spent the night at laguardia airport, hoping for better news today. >> horrible. not comfortable at all. >> reporter: at new york's mccarthur airport, a s
Dec 27, 2012 8:00am PST
travel headaches. the weather channel's eric fisher is in lewiston maine. there's lots of snow there. >> reporter: absolutely. the story here in maine is not that it's snowing, but that it handle been snowing in december in maine or any month in new england the past year and a half or so. last winter it was all about the warm records, and now a different type of story. now we'll have the snow flying all day long. many spots will pick up a foot, if not more. this point, we have modest snowbanks. it is lewiston, maine, and we should end up with around 10 or 12 inches here. if our skiing or snowboarding, you're happy about this. some reports have already gone up over a foot. if you're traveling, it's a different story. the roads here snowpacked, i-95, very different, and if you're flying, hundreds and hundreds of canceled flights. it started all the way back in west texas where they had a white christmas in amarillo and lubbock. thomas, we are up to 65% in the lower 48, covered with snow right now. it's almost triple this time last year. >> a lot of people traveling. eric fisher, thank
Dec 15, 2012 6:30am PST
a conversation about how to have that conversation. dr. eric fisher is a licensed clinical psychologist, an expert on post-traumatic stress disorder. dr. fisher, i appreciate you talking to us. just a few moments ago i talked to a first and third grader. and one of the things they said to me is they don't really know what to do. they have been letting the kids dictate how much they talk or how much not to talk, but now that they know some of their first graders' best friends have been massacred, they just don't know what to do. what would you advise them to do? >> well, i think you do in some ways let your child take the lead and ask them what they know and what they are aware of. when people experience trauma, it is not often stored in the verbal centers of the brain but the non-verbal center of the brain. as kids work this through, they could have a lot of emotion but not have words. a lot of times we have emotions before we have words. and we have to see that everybody works through their grief and emotion differently. i encourage people to draw, to write, to color, to paint, to sing
Dec 27, 2012 9:00am EST
's eric fisher is live in lewis ton, maine, with the latest. hi, eric. >> good morning, melissa. hi there, every ebb. snow coming down a few hours ago, now ernest across maine that will continue all day long, many states touched by this winter storm, maine will be the last one in the lower 48 this all started back in west texas, a white christmas in amarillo and lubbock, folks doing shoveling here this holiday week, notice the visibility starting to go down, traffic has been light, all of the state offices are close here in maine for today. across all of this state, vermont, new hampshire, new york, dealing with the wintery weather. if you are a traveler, certainly not any good news to report here. boston, major hub, more rain you not dealing with a loft snow there but some flight delay, if you are on the roads, a difficult go, christmas on a tuesday, a lot of folks trying to get back to work for the end of the week, that hasn't been possible in a lot of cases, hundreds hundreds of flights canceled. speaking to the breadth of how widespread the storm s tonight, things will finally exit th
Dec 27, 2012 7:00am EST
. >> all right. eric fisher in maine, thank you. >> how about dean martin at this hour of the day? >>> for more on the storms, we head out to maria larosa in for al. >> what's your name? >> alisa. >> you got to see just enough of the snow? >> right. >> some of us are getting to see a lot of the snow. take a look. in some areas of the northeast, another foot and travel is difficult and very cold. we have temperatures in the single digits and northern plains and into the 20s and central plains and below average. across the northeast, still watching that with the winds. the next focus is into the west, where more snow there will come out into the central plains with more wet weather as we wrap up th >> the wind will be picking up. there are some flurries out to the north and west. temperatures hold pretty steady >>> remember, you can check your local forecast 24/7 at willie, back to you. >> thanks a lot. >>> a suburban newspaper is making national headlines on the gun control story. katie is here. >> good morning. >> call baitle between first and second amendment, the pa
Dec 12, 2012 6:00am EST
.5% across the board. now the weather channel's eric fisher with the national forecast. eric? >> hey. good morning, everyone. our stormy weather for today is mainly across florida, in the dry season. st. augustine to jacksonville, the first coast dealing with rain. we've got some moving into the panhandle. and a wide view will show that basically the southeast, this is where we find most of the rainfall for today. southeast of atlanta, north carolina, south carolina, georgia or florida, this is where we're going to find the storms. going to be around for today, then tomorrow, most of this moves out. we get a break from all the storminess that we've been tracking here. by tomorrow afternoon, most of the area looking at drier, much cooler weather. cool's the name of the game across northeast midwest. everyone waking up to december for a change. we've got 20s and 30s on the map. teens in minneapolis. sub-zero numbers in international falls. most of this is what you expect. you get into december, you expect to be cold. you don't expect a lot of daylight. that's the forecast for today as
Dec 10, 2012 6:00am EST
executives, raising speculation that the newspaper could be up for sale. eric fisher joins us from the weather channel this morning and, eric, it was not cool out here today, but i did see a lot of rain. is that around the country, as well? >> it is. we're watching winter storm caesar. this is what it left behind. blizzard conditions around south carolina and north dakota. over in minnesota, we have anywhere from 8 to 17 inch snowfall totals. a lot of cold air behind the system. eventually that will get over towards the eastern seaboard. 12 in minneapolis. 8 and below in international falls. you get over towards chicago and into des moines, st. louis, gusty winds bringing those windchills way down. winter finally showed up here across the upper midwest. here in the northeast, there's the rain we were talking about around boston. a little bit of a break this morning. the biggest storms across the south, places like atlanta, into birmingham, nashville, jackson and new orleans all dealing with some very heavy rainfall. also had a tornado warning earlier on today in mississippi. so sev
Dec 11, 2012 6:00am EST
. but they have a figure. >> let's head to eric fisher on today's weather forecast. maybe he has the answer. >> eric. >> unfortunately not, guys. i know the weather changes quickly, and that's my business here. i don't deal with the italian government too much. but what we're watching for today too much in items of changes, it's colder outside. as soon as you walk out the door, you notice a big change in that cold front. this time yesterday in cincinnati, 17 degrees colder. 30 degrees colder in jackson. still showers around boston and new york city. they'll be out of the way fairly quickly. our main story is florida. miami, naples, picking up showers and thunderstorms. a half dozen tornados across the south yesterday. we'll watch tampa, daytona be h beach, ft. myers. this is the spot for strongest storms to develop. the cold air, finally returning to deal for many. 50s in atlanta after our average hey hoob around 71 degrees. we're looking at generally average temps tomorrow. the return to average is what makes it feel so cold outside. i can say, guys, that as we head towards the end of the
Dec 17, 2012 6:00am EST
on the weather real quick. lots of rain for the northeast. eric fisher. >> good morning. fully dressed for you on this monday morning. >> what have you done, eric? >> you could trip and it could happen. be careful. >> all right. here across the south, a rain jacket will be your attire today. heavy rainfall from montgomery towards atlanta. stormy, especially for mid-december. this time of year, you don't think about severe weather. places like nashville, tallahass tallahassee, charleston, could you see a couple of tornados. certainly heavy rain. could see another inch around atlanta and into south carolina. drought, huge story here. rain will be welcomed as long as we don't see the severe storm. into the northeast, winter on the map this morning. especially around the mass pike and heading northward. freezing rain across massachusetts. if you like the snow, higher elevations in northwest maine. new hampshire, 3 to 6 inches of snow. is a big storm in the northwest. lots of snow from the cascades over into the rockies. a week before christmas, and snow coming down. if you have a ski trip, looking
Dec 28, 2012 6:00am EST
have a better estimate. >> we're going to get to reynolds. it may be eric fisher or someone else. >> they're all good. >> go ahead. >> me? no, no, time for the global markets report. and with that, for the global markets report, we are going to go to lon where kelly evans looking splendid in a pant suit. wow, you look like you're about six feet tall or seven feet tall, kelly. >> just over six feet tall, joe. i'm pretty well this morning. can't say the same for european markets which are pretty much all in the red and losses have been picking up in the last hour or so as we've seen renewed concern about the u.s. fiscal cliff whether a negotiation could be reached. we saw some optimism in the asian session overnight. i want to draw your attention to the most important story potentially for 20123 and that's what's happening in japan. you guys may recall yesterday it was up .9%. this market has been on a tear this year. it's up more than 20 one of the best asset classes. the yen continues to weaken. there's two reasons why we're focusing here. we got weak economic data out of japan.
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11